What to Do in Manila: Two Sample Tours Your Hotel Can Offer Guests

In a culture of staycations and lazy poolside Saturdays, many hotels struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition. Hotel consultants or those who run hospitality management services often wrack their brains for new and unique promotions in an effort to garner the market.

Perhaps a better idea is to stop looking at staycations, and start looking at real mini-vacations that allow guests to not just enjoy the hotel, but also enjoy the city! It is a good way to complete the guest experience! This is especially true since more and more tourists are looking for diverse experiences during their travels. Here are some tour or activity ideas that Manila hoteliers can offer their guests!

Cultural Tours in Manila

  1. Intramuros
    The famous walled city is, perhaps, one of the nicest options when looking for what to do in Manila. Guests will feel transported back in time as they explore the cobblestone streets, the old mansions, and the little shops and restaurants.
  2. The National Museum & Planetarium
    An easy-to-coordinate and cost friendly tour, The National Museum and Planetarium are great options for guess traveling with children. The Planetarium screen shows about the universe every hour and a half, which both adults and children can enjoy!
  3. Binondo
    The oldest China town in the world and once a the center of business, Binondo is home to old historic buildings, interesting shopping, and–of course–delicious eats! Hotels can design their own tour or allow guests to explore the area freely.

Adventure & Modern Tours in Ortigas

  1. Masungi Georeserve
    Not far from Ortigas is the Masungi Georeserve. For the more adventurous guests, arranging for transport and a tour of the reserve could be the clincher for a happy and returning customer!
  2. Pinto Art Museum
    Also a quick drive from Ortigas, the Pinto Art Museum is a private art museum in Antipolo. Filled with modern art from local artists, guests need to set aside an entire day to really take in the private collection. There is a good restaurant on the premises, which makes spending several hours at the museum very easy!
  3. Kapitolyo Food Tour
    For food loving guests, Baranggay Kapitolyo has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants and unique eats! If you have a hired hotel consultants or hospitality management services, they should be able to help design several variations of a food tour that takes guests through Kapitolyo or other eat streets, like Maginhawa Street in Quezon City!

No matter where you are, your guests should never wonder what to do in Manila. There are plenty of fun and interesting activities in every pocket of our nation’s capital! Unsure of which tours fit your hotel’s style? Do not hesitate to consult hospitality management professionals like Enderun Hotels. Professional consultants can help you craft special tours that fit both your brand and local area.