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Enderun Hotels’ primary focus is to engage local independent hotel and restaurant owners and enable them to compete with the major players in the hospitality industry. As your hospitality management partner, our team delivers targeted solutions that boost your hotel’s operations, sales, marketing, revenue management, and more. From boutique hotels to large properties with over 200 rooms, we tailor our services to strengthen your brand, create exceptional guest experiences, and accelerate your success.

Why work with us?

Industry Best Services
Enderun Hotels offers a full suite of world-class hospitality management solutions that address the most common challenges hotel and restaurant owners in the Philippines face. This allows us to customize our services to suit the individual needs of our clients, no matter how big or challenging it may be.
Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
We understand that the needs of each hotel is different. Our team of hospitality experts are more than happy to consult with our clients in order to develop solutions that are designed to address your specific needs and highlight what makes your hotel unique.
Experienced Specialists and Experts
Enderun Hotels is proud to have brought together a team of specialists and experts with experience in both the international and Philippine hospitality industries. With decades of experience in key decision-making positions, our experts can identify the most efficient course of action to elevate your brand.
Bolster Your Team with Top Candidates
Building a team of like-minded and passionate individuals can be a challenge. Our team can help you find the right candidates by tapping our extensive network of connections.

Are you ready for the partnership?

We can help you manage your hotel and be trained by us.

The Management Team

EH’s team is comprised of people who have extensive experience in the hotel and restaurant industry, covering both the international and domestic markets.

Jack Tuason

Founder, Enderun Colleges

Thomas Wenger

Senior Vice President

Tricia Tensuan

Vice-President for Marketing

Carlo Librea

Director of Business Development

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