When it first really made a name for itself in the party scene, Boracay Island was fondly called the Ibiza of the Philippines. Following its 2018 shutdown, done in an effort to address the environmental violations of many popular establishments, many of Boracay activities, restaurants, and clubs were forced to close completely. Now, the island that many tourists would run to for a slice of paradise that offered every type of party conceivable is quieter (there is a noise and music curfew), cleaner (there are stricter rules on littering and waste disposal), and less crowded (the Philippine government put a cap on the number of people allowed to enter the island). It is what some might call a dream and others call boring; but for the latter only so for those who aren’t certain where to look. There are still plenty of things to do in Boracay.

Many of the Boracay hotels that survived the closure or that newly opened have a list of Boracay activities that is complete enough to appeal to every type of traveler.


For families, the island is now a dream come true. Rest, relaxation, and tranquility are among the first few words that will come to mind. All Boracay hotels have to abide by the strict policies set by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, and for families with young children, the noise and music curfew is making all the difference. Parents can now choose any hotel without worrying about how the surroundings may affect their children’s bedtimes.

There are plenty of new restaurants to try, and even more beach to enjoy. The shutdown included being strict about the shoreline easement, and there are no more chairs, huts, kiosks, or any sort of establishment on White Beach. Children are free to run around, make their own sand castles, and really enjoy the beach.

Couples & Friends

Those traveling with friends or their significant other will also find plenty of things to do in Boracay. Many of the island’s environmentally-friendly activities are still available, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports. Spa treatments and indoor crafts are now also more popular.

While the restaurants and Boracay hotels in Station 2–once famous for being the hub of for places to party–won’t be throwing the raves and ragers that put them on the map, many of them still retain their fun vibe. Sure the music isn’t as loud, and won’t run for as long, but with standards going up, so has the level of service. Day drinking, anyone?

The Solo Traveler

These days traveling by yourself is the norm, and a place like Boracay was where an adventurer made friends, traded stories, and found a piece of the wanderlust community. Despite the new rules and policies, all of that still remains true. Those traveling solo will find the new Boracay to be a very friendly space, and there are plenty of activities! Cliff diving, free diving, parasailing, island hopping, and more; the island still offers a lot of adventure while being more sustainable.

The Boracay hotels in Station 2 may be the best choice for the solo traveler. It is central to all activities, supplies will easily be found, and accommodation and food will be friendlier to the solo wallet without sacrificing quality.