It’s no secret that guests won’t be too pleased if noise enters their respective rooms in the middle of the night. Considering how many business hotels pride themselves in offering a good night’s sleep to their guests, it’s important for your hotel to deliver on that promise every single time. Otherwise, you may find yourself flooded with noise complaints and negative online reviews. These complaints can easily lead to a big drop off in your bookings, especially if noise issues aren’t addressed properly.

Fortunately, there are many things you can add to your hotel rooms to improve soundproofing. Most hospitality management consultants recommend these three ways to help better soundproof your hotel’s rooms and suites to avoid noise complaints from guests:

Heavy Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains aren’t just for blocking out sunlight. The thick and heavy fabrics used to make these curtains absorb a great deal of sound coming from outside the hotel. This works wonders for hotels with rooms that face roads that get busy during rush hour. Using blackout curtains also come with additional benefits for your hotel. Thanks to the heavy fabric, blackout curtains reduce heat loss through the room’s window, leading to reduced energy bills.

Soundproof Floor Underlays

Having a noisy neighbor plodding his feet in the room upstairs can be a grating experience. Many hotels opt for carpeted floors to prevent this, but adding soundproof underlays to your floors is a more effective alternative. These special underlays are specifically designed to prevent noise from escaping into the rooms below. There are many different brands for soundproof underlays, but all of them get the job done equally well. Underlays are often installed as the hotel is being built, but can also be installed during major room renovations.

White Noise Machines

A quick solution to potential noise complaints is to offer guests complimentary use of white noise machines upon request. Studies have shown that white noise machines were effective at drowning out various types of noise, preventing these noises from disturbing sleep. Having this as an option for your guests is a nice touch and shows your guests how much you care about their comfort when they are in their rooms.