One of the defining characteristics of millennials is their preference to spend on experiences. This is why millennials are the generation that travels the most. This is a prime market hotels throughout the Philippines should tap into. Fortunately, the millennial market knows exactly what they want from the brands that they interact with, including hotels. This means there are many steps you can take to help make your hotel more attractive to millennials. Hotel management consultants recommend doing the following:

Be More Active on Social Media, Especially Facebook and Instagram

You’d be surprised by how many millennials have discovered hotels through a Facebook or Instagram post. Hotels need to have a dedicated social media manager to handle their social media accounts. Post stunning photos and videos of your hotel amenities online. Doing this on a regular basis helps drum up interest in your hotel. Make sure your captions link back to your website to encourage direct bookings. If you do not have someone who can take over social media management, you may want to partner with hospitality management services, like Enderun Hotels, that offer professional social media management.

Include Your Corporate Advocacies as Part of Your Marketing

Millennials are willing to spend more money on brands that share their advocacies. Given this, you’ll want to post pictures of your hotel’s CSR efforts or partnerships with local non-profits. What advocacy your hotel will commit to, of course, is entirely up to you. The important thing here is supporting an advocacy that you believe in as well. This will help create the authentic content that catches the eyes of millennial travelers.

Renovate for “Instagrammability”

Social media and millennials go together like two peas in a pod. Millennial travelers love to take snapshots of where they are and post those photos on their Instagram accounts. Take advantage of this tendency. If your hotel is scheduled for renovations anytime soon, try redesigned the space to make it more “instagrammable”. This encourages your millennial guests to post photos on Instagram and tag your property, which is essentially free advertising for your hotel.