Family-friendly hotels are always a priority for parents whenever it’s time to plan a vacation. This is true for both local and foreign tourists, making it a relatively profitable market for hotels in the Philippines to capitalize on. The rise in popularity of family staycations in the Philippines during public holidays makes being a family-friendly hotel even more profitable.

If you aren’t well-known as a family-friendly hotel, there are many simple steps you can take to attract more families to stay with you. Some of these steps include:

Create and Advertise a Children’s Menu in Your In-House Restaurant(s)

It’s no secret that many children are picky eaters, which can make it difficult for some parents to choose a place to eat. Consult your chefs and see if they can come up with a simple children’s menu for your in-house restaurants. Your chefs can easily recommend classic childhood favorites that pair well with your restaurant’s cuisine and/or theme. Think along the lines of classics like spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, chicken tenders, etc.

Consider Adding a “Play Zone” in Your Property

Sometimes, parents just need an hour or two of quiet time. If there is extra space in your hotel, you may want to add a “play zone” or daycare area where parents can leave their children to play for a few hours. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to go do activities that suit their interests more. Make sure that the space is will-lit, filled with age-appropriate toys and games, and that you have experienced staff in the area to watch over the children.

Change Marketing Material to Highlight Photos of Families

What’s one of the quickest ways to tell potential guests that you are a family-friendly hotel? Changing the images on your marketing materials to feature photos of families! In particular, you’ll want to change the photos you use on your website and promotional flyers that you hand out to guests. If you can get photos that show families enjoying your in-house family-friendly amenities, make sure you use those!

Market Family-Oriented Sample Itineraries

Lastly, you may be interested in creating family-oriented sample itineraries that parents can use to plan their vacations. In these itineraries, highlight nearby family attractions. If possible, you may even opt to partner with certain attractions to give your guests special rates to these places just by staying in your hotel. If this idea sounds appealing, make sure you discuss this with experienced hotel management consultants to see which attractions suit your hotel best.

These are only a few suggestions to help you turn establish yourself as a family-friendly hotel. For more ideas, do not hesitate to consult hospitality management services like Enderun Hotels. These experts can help identify other strategies you can adopt to become a more family-friendly hotel.