The call for contactless technology in hotels and resorts has become louder in recent years. This is undoubtedly spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but is it really the right move for the hospitality industry? Isn’t guest interaction part and parcel of the hotel experience and a vital part in making guests feel warmly welcomed?

Though many people are open to traveling once again, they are highly conscious of their safety. Surprisingly, guests actually don’t mind contactless technology given the current situation concerning COVID-19. In fact, a study conducted by Oracle and Skift found that guests are actively looking for hotels that offer contactless experiences, particularly:

  • Contactless payments (35% of respondents)
  • Digital room keys (26% of respondents)
  • Digital messaging services (20% of respondents)

Similarly, the same study found that guests are also very open to the idea of self-service, with 70 percent of consumers “agreeing” or “strongly agreeing” they’d be more willing to stay in hotels and resorts that offered services like self check-in/out via kiosk as these services would help increase their comfort levels.

Contactless Technology to Consider Implementing

In a world that is rapidly shifting towards more digital solutions, hospitality businesses must embrace technology that provides contactless experiences for their guests. This holds true well after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Consumers, particularly millennials and Gen-Z, want a seamless, hassle-free experience and that’s exactly what contactless technology can provide.

Given all of this, it’s imperative that hotels and resorts are able to deliver an unforgettable digital experience to their guests. Therefore, blending a strong core of digital amenities with your traditional human services is essential in the post-pandemic world. With that in mind, here are a few you should consider implementing on your property:

  • Digital Kiosks
  • Digital Concierge Apps
  • In-Room Voice Commands
  • Keyless Room Entry
  • Non-Touch Control Panels (elevators, air conditioning, etc.)

Of course, none of this means that going purely digital is the way to go. It’s all about finding a way to blend a core set of digital amenities with your hotel’s traditional human services. That is truly the future in terms of exceptional guest experiences.