In April of 2018 the Philippine government shutdown one of its most famous island destinations in an effort to save it from the rampant environmental violations by both establishments and tourists. Boracay Island, which often ranked in the world’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches, closed for six months to give the government time to clean, restructure, and rehabilitate the island and its natural environment.

Reopened in October 2018, the island is almost completely changed. At present, the island is still adjusting to the new systems and rules implemented by the government, and many Boracay hotels, both old and new, have revamped their operations and structures. This can make it rather difficult to settle on which hotel to stay. This is especially true for first-time visitors.

Should I Stay in Station 1 or Station 2?

Boracay Island is still divided into “stations” as a way to better organize the area. This has not changed even after the government shutdown. Given this, your first decision should be whether you stay in Station 1 or Station 2.

In the past, most people would recommend tourists to stay in Station 1 since it is much quieter. This has changed now thanks to new policies that include stricter regulation of noise pollution. As a result, there is now a new clear-cut winner when it comes to choosing a place to stay in Boracay: Station 2.

Station 2 is where most of the action in Boracay takes place. It is home to some of the best hotels in Boracay, as well as various restaurants, souvenir stores, henna parlors, and the island’s only outdoor mall: D’Mall. Staying in a hotel here allows you to stay close to the heartbeat of the island, helping you save on transportation fees from your hotel to Station 2 and back. Thanks to the new regulations on noise, though, staying in the hotels in this area is now a much nicer experience since there is no longer loud music blaring into the wee hours of the morning As a result, Station 2 is now more family-friendly than ever!

What to Look for in a Station 2 Boracay Hotel

Of course, we highly recommend checking out the new hotels and resorts that have opened up in Boracay before other hotels. This is mostly because many of these hotels offer an opening discount to their first set of guests. Naturally, everything in these hotels is brand new, assuring you treat yourself to the best that Boracay has to offer.

Once you’ve made a shortlist of new hotels you’re interested in, take a look at the amenities that the hotel has to offer. For instance, a swimming pool is a must if you have young children with you on a long stay in Boracay, especially when they get tired of playing on the beach. In-house dining options are also important for when you don’t feel like heading out for breakfast or dinner.

Lastly, you’ll want to look at the actual location of the hotel. Station 2 is a big area, which means not all hotels will be particularly close to the attractions and activities that you want to see and do. A quick Google search should show you the exact location of your preferred hotel.

Which Boracay hotel ticks all of these boxes? We definitely recommend Feliz Hotel Boracay. It is one of the newest hotels in Station 2. Located in the heart of D’Mall, the hotel is the perfect choice for those who want to experience everything that Station 2 has to offer to its fullest. With beautiful interiors, plush rooms, and delectable in-house restaurants, Feliz Hotel definitely makes every stay in Boracay a happy one. Be one of the first to visit their website, sign up for the newsletter, and enjoy a fantastic opening discount!